First, you need to buy a domain name from one of the registrars. We recommend using, or

Once you have bought your domain (eg:, please follow the below steps

1. Logon to domain registrar (godaddy, bigrock, etc)

2. Go into the DNS Management section
3. Modify the A record of (i.e your domain) to point to this IP

4. If there is a A record for, then change it to point to, else add a new record for as well. Save your changes.

6. The changes will take around 24 hours to reflect.

7. After 24 hours, login to your Shopnix Store Manager, goto Admin > Shop Profile and change the domain to (without the www)

8. You can then access your shop using

Note: You can also ask our support team to configure this for you. Please drop us a mail with the login details of your registrar to